Zero 88 Series by Eaton meets the needs of the entertainment lighting industry by delivering targeted, reliable products to distinct segments of the marketplace such as theatre, television, rental, education and live performance. Knowing that one product does not fit all, we research each sector and focus on developing creative solutions to meet your unique requirements. Zero 88 has unrivalled experience in the specialists needs of entertainment technology, through the diverse expertise of its staff and the knowledge of our worldwide distribution network.

Products on show

FLX-S Consoles

FLX S consoles are easy to learn and simple to use, delivering all the features you need at an affordable price. FLX S are portable, powerful controllers with a small footprint, with free apps available for wireless monitoring of the lighting rig, and support for a range of networking accessories. Networking


‘RigSync’ is an inventive feature available with the latest version of ZerOS console software – automatically syncronise your console to your lighting rig, without the need to understand DMX or think about patching.

FLX & Wing

Developed to work in a wide range of demanding situations, with specific considerations for live events & hire, touring productions, multi-purpose venues, theatres and educational applications. FLX is adaptable and upgradeable with channel additions and multiple Wing options.

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