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Steeldeck is exhibiting as usual with Buhnenbau Schakenberg GMBH (Nivoflex) and with Steeldeck Hall StageLtd.

The Nivoflex Airstageplatform (presently enjoying huge success) will be on demonstration

The website http://www.steeldeck-hallstage.comis live for details of the company’s offerings, including of course the industry standard curtain tracks and winch systems. Surveys, installation, service and maintenance continues as part of our ongoing business, as does our commitment to existing Hall Stage customers and business partners around the world.

We are delighted to confirm the ongoing association with InterAmerica Stageand its SkyDecktension wire grid product.

Meanwhile Steeldeck Industries Ltd continues its’ core business of providing equipment for performance spaces large and small, whether demountable or permanent.

As part of this offering there will be samples of the very flexible Miragerange of seating and illustrations of the APACK family of retractables, which can offer (uniquely) curved, trapezoidal, floating and parabolic rise solutions.

The signature product is of course the Steeldeckmodular staging system, unequalled since 1985.
Versatile, quick and easy-to-use, durable and very strong; standard units can create flat or raked stages, seating risers and press risers, follow spot platforms or rolling wagons, all very simply. Special shapes can be custom fabricated very accurately for such uses as pit fillers, stage extensions or theatre balcony structures.

Almost unique in this field is the range of code-compliant guardrails.

Available for Sale or Rental with a full range of accessories.
A large inventory is held in our rental stocks, including a superior line in relocatable seating.
The Steeldeck group of companies has facilities in London and Manchester, Los Angeles, New York and Las Vegas.

Fulfilment of your design without compromise is our business.