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Meeting: 15:30 5th June. Alexandra Palace Roman Bar (Exhibition registration required to attend this meeting)

This follows a very positive meeting in April when the ergonomics, DSE compliance, and fitness for purpose of many current prompt desks and prompt corner sites was discussed by a broad group of interested industry partners.

We have received sketches, plans and ideas for improving prompt corner and desk design and layout from SMs concerned about deficiencies in many current desks.

Our consultant and manufacturing colleagues are also excited about the challenge and have been coming up with new ideas and concepts as well.

After discussions on H&S since the April meeting, we will welcome notes and input from health and safety specialists experienced on compliance for DSE equipment and workstations (DSE regulations and recommendations do generally apply to prompt desks).

We are also keen to develop specs. for decent monitors for prompt desks and cueing purposes, proper fully adjustable seating, and standards for flexibility and ergonomic design and calling of shows, plus to learn about products and kit which would be suitable for use with or incorporation into prompt desks.

We would like this meeting to be an opportunity to share ideas, plans, sketches and design thoughts, and to continue to explore ways to develop a design brief for prompt desks in the 21st century, moving our project on to develop specific designs and specs. suitable to be used as guidance for ABTT technical standards and (and SMA guidance and endorsement) for new desks, as well as refits and refurbs in theatres and live event venues– creating a safer, more compliant and comfortable working environment for DSMs and showcallers in the future.  All are welcome.


Please kindly RSVP to if you are able to attend the meeting.