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We are delighted to confirm that we have expertise from the HSE for the duration of the exhibition. Whilst visitors and exhibitors can obtain clarification on matters pertaining to HSE competence throughout the event, there will be two specific sessions in relation to fundamental legal duties of employers.

First Day Session will be on discussing the fundamental legal duties as well as outlining the more well-known aspects, Sections 2 General duties of employers to their employeesand 3 General duties of employers and self-employed to persons other than their employees,it  will look to reduce the fog over voluntary organisations/School/Colleges and how they can fulfil their duties under law in a streamlined manner proportionate to their undertaking.

Second Day Session this will complement the first day’s session and look to discuss what to expect when a regulator calls. It will look to enlighten how HSE and the Local Authority work together, though in reality the boots on the ground inspection\investigation is normally by the Local Authority. A  brief case example on a topic maybe Work at Height and falling objects weaving into this control of contractors and co-operation between individuals.

The session times will be published in May