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Thank you for choosing to exhibit at the show this year. Rather than send out tons of emails and reminders, this web page can be used as a point of reference for you.

Coronavirus Update

Please read this carefully

The ABTT Theatre Show continues to prepare for the successful delivery of the 42nd show on June 10-11 at Alexandra Palace whist keeping a close watching brief on the coronavirus outbreak. At all times, the health and wellbeing of our exhibitors and visitors will take priority and we will be following advice and guidance from the Government, Health Agencies and The London Borough of Haringey, owners of Alexandra Palace. 

Due to the challenging business environment as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, we will do our best to accommodate our exhibitors and the investment they have made. We are fully aware of the difficulties spreading across the industry and will be looking after our exhibitors wherever possible. Final invoices will be issued in April and if any exhibitors have cashflow issues, we simply ask that you pick up the phone and talk to us.

At this point in time, we take the view that cancellation is unlikely. The only form that cancellation can take is when The London Borough of Haringey close Alexandra Palace. As it currently stands, it is a possibility but not a probability. One of the considerations that makes a difference with the ABTT Theatre Show is that it is a national and not an international event.

If the show does not take place this summer, the investment made by exhibitors will NOT be lost. All invoices paid will be rolled over and be credited against exhibiting in 2021. This very important measure would underpin the future of not just the ABTT Theatre Show but the continued work of the ABTT as a functioning organisation.

As per our terms and conditions, exhibitors who have booked and decide to cancel before March 27th will forfeit 50% of their booking fee. If exhibitors cancel after that date, payment will have to be made in full. 

We are enormously grateful for the continued support from our community of exhibitors and look forward to seeing you all again in June. We have a full floor plan and an interesting programme of peripheral activity.

Isobel Hatton

Show Director

16 March 2020


Dates and Times

Wednesday June 10th 10am – 6pm

Thursday June 11th 10am – 5pm


When you start the registration process, you will be given a choice to register as an individual of a group. If you are carrying out the registration process for your company, you will find it easier to set up a group and then register the individuals into your group.

If you wish to register as an individual, please ensure you select the exhibitor category of badge.


You will be contacted by Outsourced Events, who are our on-site registration service providers. We want to keep the whole process as simple and inexpensive as possible for you. Exhibitors will deal directly with Outsourced Events. We are using a new system in 2020, which is a marked improvement on last year. Essentially, it is an app, which you can use on your own device.


You need to check your entry straight away. There is no restriction for what you want to put on your catalogue entry. It is a WordPress post. Ensure that you supply us with contact details please.

Check your details here:  EXHIBITOR LIST

Upload your 2020 catalogue content using the facility on this page: FILE DOWNLOADS & UPLOADS




You will see that we publish news posts on the front page of the website. We do not charge to receive and publish any entries from our exhibitors. Behind the scenes, news posts are picked up and redistributed on Social Media. Depending on the nature of the content, distribution can be to organic coverage up to ‘paid for’ distribution. If we believe it to be beneficial to the show, we will pay to advertise your post on our Facebook Business account!



The ABTT Theatre Show is building a strong reputation for the programme of avant to accompany the exhibition. A number of seminars, product demonstrations and training sessions have been planned for this year and the schedule is filling up fast. WE DO NOT CHARGE EXHIBITORS for the use of our additional spaces where an overt benefit is being offered to visitors.

If you want to take part in any way, please get in touch sooner rather than later. It is very much a case of first come first served.


A good way of drawing attention to your presence at the show is to use graphic fosters on your corporate emails. We have a selection of files in Graphic Downloads on this page: FILE DOWNLOADS & UPLOADS

If you need any graphics to be generated specifically for your needs, please feel free to ask. No charge!




The information you need on ordering services and the deadlines can be found here: EXHIBITION MANUAL


Exhibitors will be notified of their load in times from 14th May onwards.


We publish the latest floor plan here: Floor Plan


Terms and Conditions:

1. Entry is free to those who pre-register. An entry fee may be charged on the door to those who have not pre- registered.
2. This is a trade only event and anyone under the age of 16 will not be admitted.
3. Students between the ages of 14 and 16 will be admitted if accompanied at all times by a tutor or responsible adult.
4. All visitors must cooperate with the security team and all bags are liable to security searches.
5. Name badges must be worn at all times.
6. Filming/photography is only permitted if permission has been asked of the subject and such permission granted.
7. Visitors to the exhibition must not undertake any form of selling or soliciting for business.
8. The organisers reserve the right to expel and refuse admission.
9. Smoking is not permitted anywhere in this venue

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

In registering for attendance to The ABTT Theatre Show, you are entering into a contract and giving your permission for the organisers to contact you about this event. As a result of registering, your data will be used for no other purpose but the ABTT Theatre Show. You will remain on our list for a maximum of five years following your most recent registration date. We will notify you when we plan to delete you from our list and give you the option to re-register.You may contact the organisers at any time after attending the event to request to be removed from the database.