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  • CATALOGUE – As soon as possible please – a description about your company and a logo. Also very important are details how you can be contacted – website and Social Media details too.
  • PLANT – Monday 11th May
  • AV EQUIPMENT – Tuesday 19th May
  • INTERNET & COMMUNICATIONS – Tuesday 19th May
  • FURNITURE – Wednesday 27th May
  • SHELL SCHEME EXTRAS – Wednesday 27th May


Including catalogue entry, social media, graphics, email footers, AV booking and sponsors.


Including health and safety, shell scheme, stand construction, rigging, electrical and furniture.

General info

Including food and drink, floor surfaces, latest floorplan, cloakroom and freight forwarding.


Including load in/out, exhibition dates and times, travel and disabled.


Including visitors, exhibitors, Eventbrite, and data capture.


Exhibitor listings are published here:  Exhibitors are asked to supply sufficient information to inform visitors of the goods and services that they offer. Exhibitor entries are individual WordPress Posts. If you want to use your page as a latest news feature, please do. Exhibitor stand numbers will be added to these listings. Exhibitors should ensure that full contact details are supplied as well as web and social media details to ensure advantageous linking.

There is no limit for the number of words in the listing. Upload your entry from the file uploads/downloads page »

We use Facebook Business Manager to maintain a significant reach. We now have over 2000 followers and this platform currently offers the best value for money in disseminating information. News items are distributed through Facebook, where we can measure response.  Join up!
If you require screens for display purposes on your stand, download the form from the forms page
We are currently looking for an exhibitor to supply lanyards for the show. Please contact the organisers.



Where an exhibitor or participant agrees to take part in the event, the party concerned agrees to be fully compliant with Health and Safety legislation – in particular relating to risk assessments and method statements for the build and break. You are reminded as exhibitors that you have responsibility for your sub contractors. You are required to have your documentation in place before starting work and such documentation must be easily accessible to the exhibition organisers upon request.

PERMIT TO WORK (A contractual piece of paper that permits a person or a group of people access to a construction site)

This may well seem a bit ‘heavy handed’ if you are putting up exhibition material in a shell scheme. The issue is not necessarily about you as an exhibitor and what you are doing but more about the fact that you have entered an environment which is now classified by law as a construction site. There are specific requirements about how a construction site must be run.

Before you are allowed to set up your stand, you are required to complete your permit to work, which must be countersigned by the Safety Officer. Your permit to work will only be countersigned once you have attended the site safety briefing upon arrival at the load in destination. Please submit this electronically so that we have the form ready when you arrive. (If do not submit electronically, you will need to bring the completed form with you or failing that – complete one on arrival). The site safety briefing will take approximately 10 minutes and will take place close to your arrival and unloading point in the Great Hall. This procedure is mandatory whilst the CDM build process is active. When all core construction work is complete, CDM requirements will be lifted. It is not anticipated that this will take place until 0800 hours on Wednesday 10th June.


All shell scheme exhibitors must submit the AP Basic risk assessment no later than Friday 5th June. The form can be found in the booking form links tab on this page. Please email this completed form to

All Space only exhibitors must submit risk assessments and method statements in your standard company format (no forms supplied by us) no later than Friday 5th June to

Res Assessments and Method Statements will be read and approved by the Site Safety Manager. Site inductions can only take place once H&S documentation is approved.



Shell scheme exhibitors are supplied with shell scheme walls and a natural scenic canvas floor covering. A 500 w socket is supplied with 3 spotlights to illuminate shell scheme walls. If you require additional power or lighting, please refer to the power section of the exhibitor manual

No furniture is provided. Please bring your own or order from our official furniture supplier.

If you need any extras above and beyond what is supplied as you package, please use  the Shell Scheme extras from on this page

The height of the venue varies between 7.6m ( at each end of the hall) and 10.5m.

Any space only exhibitor wishing to exhibit higher than 4m should contact the organisers as early as possible. The purpose is to avoid to constraints offered by detailed stand construction guidelines and to enable the best possible creative presentation of product.

All stands in excess of 4m high will be defined as complex structures and exhibitors are required to submit plans no later than Monday 4th May to

Whist the organisers do not wish to take a proscriptive line, your attention is drawn to the heritage of the ABTT Theatre Show where there has always been a well balanced presentation of exhibitors. We encourage the constructive use of the facilities and effective display of goods and services. Should any exhibitor submit a plan that in the view of the organisers would dominate the exhibition and/or cause a substantial disadvantage to other exhibitors; the exhibitor in question will be asked to modify their plans to the satisfaction of the organisers.

The house rigging company is Outback Rigging and all rigging arrangements must be made through Please note that building constraints mean that Outback are not permitted to bridle from the roof structure. They have to use spreader beams, which inevitably has a cost impact.

These two forms are in the Booking Form links section. These forms must be submitted by Tuesday 19th May. If you submit late, your order will be subject to a surcharge.

The Electrical Mains Only Order Form relates to a supply where you are providing your own distro and only require a mains feed. The organisers can supply you with the detail to identify where the electrical ducting sits in relation to your stand. Positional details for the supply must be submitted when you book your supply.

The Electrical Order Form relates to an electricity supply to include power sockets and lighting.

If you have booked a package stand or a shell scheme stand (this is shown on your invoices), you will be supplied with a 500w mains supply (13A single square pin socket with power for a laptop/phone charger) and two spotlights. If you require more, you will need to order from the Electrical Order Form following booking form by Tuesday 22nd May. If you order late, you will have to pay a surcharge.

Our supplier is Europa. All orders need to be in by Wednesday 27th May. Order online from this link

Please note that package stands are NOT supplied with furniture. You may bring your own furniture or order from Europa. The same apples to all other shell scheme stands.


In 2017, we had serious issues with the fire alarm system in relation to special effects. Alexandra Palace have a highly sensitive optical system and all exhibitors planning to use any special effects such as smoke, haze, indoor pyros etc must notify the organisers. Test runs will be done before the show opens with the Alexandra Palace fire officer.

One aspect of the ABTT Theatre Show greatly appreciated by visitors is the fact that it is not a noisy show. Demonstrations of sound equipment must be kept at a level which does not cause a nuisance to other exhibitors.

Smoke must be kept to an absolute minimum and must not be left on for any long periods of time. Whilst it is perceived that a smoky atmosphere is an effective way to show off the capability of lighting equipment, it must be recognised that air quality is paramount for fellow exhibitors and visitors. A balance will be maintained and the organisers word is final.

Complaints may cause the Organisers to withdraw demonstration facilities.

Free wireless Internet will be available throughout the exhibition space. As is usually the case, the moment you really need the internet is when it slows down. Our advice is to order your own dedicated supply – it is relatively inexpensive at £100-£200 for your own wifi and probably worth it. Please use the  form on this page if you require a dedicated or hard wire feed.
If you require plant for lifting or moving equipment, please contact the organisers. We will endeavour to carry out the ‘occasional unloading’ of pallets to be helpful but should you need more specific or organised lifting, you will be required to book the forks, including the driver at a charge of £25 per hour. One or both of our freight agents will have forklifts on site.
A section of The Great Hall is available throughout the exhibition for storing flight cases, boxes and access equipment for load out use. Everything should be stored here after the load in is complete. You may ONLY store boxes upon specific arrangement with the organisers.

Small shell scheme package stands are strongly advised to use hand held bags / trolleys or wheeled flight cases which can be walked across the hall, into a lift with direct access to their vehicles for the load out.

Small waste bins will be provided during the exhibition. Exhibitors are responsible for removing their own rubbish, cleaning (including stand waste, unwanted literature and product packaging etc). Important: Charges will be levied for non-compliance. Please make all your staff and stand contractors aware of this.



Should exhibitors wish to serve drinks on their stands to their stand visitors, they must book this in with the organisers, who will then issue a license.

As organisers we have been issued with a limited number of licenses by Alexandra Palace. Once we exceed the number of licenses that we have been issued, exhibitors will be charged up to £250 per day depending on what they are serving. Exhibitors may not publicise that they are serving drinks and no drinks receptions may be held without prior arrangement with the organisers.

The food/drink licensing regime does not recognise a bowl of sweets on a stand as food.

‘Food’ includes sandwiches, pastries etc. If Exhibitors wish to provide food to visitors, they are required to use the services of the caterers by using the stand catering form in the Booking Form on this page. The stand catering order deadline is Tuesday 21st May.

During public opening hours, a number of refreshment locations will be open. The main bar also serves proper meals at reasonable prices. The bar is also open to the public.

The exhibition hall floor is painted grey concrete with electrical ducts running up and down the hall. The positioning of these ducts in relation to stands is shown on our detailed drawings. Should any exhibitor damage the floor paintwork, they will be liable for a damage charge.

2020 sees a change of tack where we have addressed the issue of our use of resources. Instead of exhibition carpet, we are using scenic canvas supplied by J&C Joel as our floor covering. The aisles and all shell scheme and package stands will be furnished with natural canvas. 

The deadline for canvas orders is Friday 1st May. Please contact the organisers to notify of any change of requirement.

Whilst the floor plan is subject to frequent changes during the process of allocating space, floor plans will only be emailed to prospective bookers upon request. All bookings are made through Isobel Hatton. The floor plan is published on the exhibitor page from time to time. The plan that appears on the page is not necessarily a reflection of the actual booking status.
A cloakroom is located in the Palm Court.

SITE Event Logistics are our appointed overseas freight forwarding company. If you require your goods to be delivered to and collected from the venue, please contact Jemima Broadley

Lee Alford | SITE Event Logistics

Tel: +44 1753 888750 |

There are over 300 three star hotel rooms within 5 miles of Alexandra Palace. Brent Cross offers many hotels with good rates.

For something a bit different and affordable, try this one:

Green Rooms is UK’s first arts-led social enterprise hotel situated in North London, opposite Wood Green tube station and just 12 minutes from King’s Cross and St Pancras International stations, and 20 minutes from the West End. We are ideally situated for visitors of Alexandra Palace as the hotel is only a short stroll away from the exhibition venue or a quick bus journey on the W3 that stops right in front of the hotel.

The hotel opened in May 2016 and has been principally designed for artists, creative professionals and people who want to make the most of London.  The hotel offers affordable accommodation in 22 chic doubles with a mix of shared and en-suite bathroom facilities, spacious dormitories and long-stay apartments, all set in a striking early art deco building that inspires creativity.

There is a bustling lobby bar popular with the after-work crowd for drinks, with DJs at weekends, art exhibitions and rehearsal spaces. Our stunning multi use gallery and workspace with bar on the third floor can be hired for rehearsals, exhibitions and private events. We also run a pop-up restaurant scheme, currently housing the Colombian Street Kitchen.

There is no restriction on selling from the exhibition stand.
Exhibitors are responsible for the security of their own exhibits and are advised to insure accordingly. Exhibitors must be insured against third party claims up to £2,000,000 (two million pounds sterling). The insurance brokers for the ABTT Theatre Show are Sheppard Insurance Brokers. Tel. 01892 511777

24-hour event security will be provided during the load-in, public opening days and load-out to prevent access to unauthorised personnel. The organisers can accept no responsibility for any losses or damage to the exhibits. Please make sure that your exhibits and personal items are insured against loss.

24-hour event security will be provided during the load-in, public opening days and load-out to prevent access to unauthorised personnel. The organisers can accept no responsibility for any losses or damage to the exhibits. Please make sure that your exhibits and personal items are insured against loss.




The information below is for guidance only:

Sunday 7th June – Mark out & Pre rig. Scheduled large stand space only build

Monday 8th June from 08:00 to 18:00 Scheduled load in times

Tuesday 9th June from 08:00 to 22:00 Scheduled load in times

Tuesday 9th June Shell Scheme from 13:00 to 22:00 (scheduled slots)

Get-out: Thursday 11th June from 17:30 to 22:00

All stands must be complete by 22:00 hrs Tuesday 9th June

We have to comply with CDM 2015 and are endeavouring to schedule the build in such a way that there will be plenty of working space for each exhibitor. You will be subject to the instructions of The Alexandra Palace traffic marshals who will grant you access to the loading bay as soon as unloading and build space is available. Parking for all vehicles is free on site.

The load in / load out will be strictly operated by a coloured pass system at all times with no exceptions.

LOAD IN PASSES  will be made available to download here from May 18th. All companies will be sent a load in time depending on the size and style of stand.

Load in times (allocated slots) are :

SUNDAY 1200 – 1800 for large builds only
MONDAY 0800 – 0930
MONDAY 1000-1230
MONDAY 1300 – 1600
TUESDAY 0800 – 0930
TUESDAY 1000-1230
TUESDAY 1300 – 1600
TUESDAY 1600 – 1900
WEDNESDAY 0800 – 0830

Vehicles should arrive with a visible pass clearly showing the exhibiting company name. The stewards will have a list of arrival times and vehicles will be marshalled in accordingly . You will be permitted to unload in the Great Hall up to a maximum stay of 50 mins and your vehicle must then be moved to one of the free car parks.



A section of The Great Hall is available throughout the exhibition for storing flight cases, boxes and access equipment for load out use. Everything should be stored here after the load in is complete. Exhibitors wishing to do this must make prior arrangements with the organisers.

Small shell scheme package stands are strongly advised to use hand held bags / trolleys or wheeled flight cases which can be walked across the hall, into a lift with direct access to the North Yard Car Park where your vehicle will be parked.

Shell scheme and small space only stands should park vehicles in the Paddocks Car Park. When you are ready to load, vehicles will be marshalled up the access ramp. NO VEHICLE WILL BE ALLOWED TO WAIT IN THE LOAD OUT ZONE, LOADING ONLY.

Medium and Large Space Only Stands should park vehicles in the Paddocks Car Park. When you are ready to load, vehicles will be marshalled up the access ramp and allocated a space for loading

Wednesday 10th June 1000 – 1800

Thursday 11th June 1000 – 1700

See the Getting Here page on this website »

If you are going by public transport, visit the Alexandra Palace website:

If you are going by car:
There are 1500 FREE Parking Spaces

Postcode: N22 7AY

Book your minicab to and from the Palace give GLH a call 020 7490 4222 for a reliable, professional and timely service and quote ref 99968

Please note that the last tube/train from Wood Green/Alexandra Palace Station leaves at around midnight. Please check specific train times on the day of your event ahead of arrival:


There are dedicated accessible bays in the Grove Car Park (250 yard walk up a slight hill) and the East Car Park at the Ice Rink end of the building.

There is a drop off point outside the Palm Court Entrance via the west slip road where staff will assist with directions.



You will be invited to book your staff and guests in from Monday 22nd April.

We are using the well established ticketing system, Eventbrite. Outsourced Events, our delivery partner will be in touch with our exhibitors with the offer of scanners to log stand visitors.
Outsourced Events will contact all exhibitors in relation to data capture of stand visitors