Looking forward to the 42nd Show!

The 41st edition of the ABTT Theatre Show took place last June at Alexandra Palace. Those who attended will have noticed a few changes. As a result of the developments in 2019, the interest being shown in the 2020 show is more than I have seen in recent years.
The process of evolution took place on three fronts. The first was to make the show a bit more visible. From a marketing perspective, we have developed our use of a variety of technology platforms to help to widen the reach of our existence. Looking at it from a statistical perspective, our registration went up 15% and our attendance 7% – so the trend appears to be heading in the right direction.
Another factor driving increased attendance was the interest shown in the programme of peripheral activity around the main exhibition. Whereas in the past, one used to present a programme of seminars, the trend now is to present more instructive, skills based and interactive sessions.  Robe, Tait, Vectorworks and Zero88 all presented a number of sessions where one could gain practical experience on their products. At the same time, we provided sessions on mental health, Health & Safety, hearing and other aspects of the human side of our industry. This focus on the needs of those who work in our industry reinforces the relevance of the ABTT Theatre Show and in 2020 will continue to underpin our increasing attendance levels.
The third big change last year was a new exhibition floor layout, which was designed to provide a greater level of visibility for visitors. Wider aisles in the centre of the hall created a more open and airy feel to the show with the result that our visitors stayed longer. At the time of writing, December, the uptake on exhibitor rebookings has been much faster than in previous years. 85 % of space is now allocated.
If you are an exhibitor, I would encourage you to look at the 2019 Programme of Events on this website. The invitation to all exhibitors to add content to the show is very important and I do my best to include as much as I can in the various spaces at Alexandra Palace. If you are a visitor, I would encourage you to get the date in the diary as soon as possible. The programme of events firms up quite late and more often than not, it really does offer something for everybody.
Whatever the case and whoever you are, The ABTT Theatre Show is an exhibition, a convention and a networking event all rolled into one. It is an event where opportunity exists in many forms. If you haven’t been before, you should give it a go. If you have been before, it will be good to see you again.
….and what to expect in 2020? The world keeps moving on and so do we. The Programme of Events falls into place late in the spring to ensure that the content is up to date and relevant. Inevitably, the relationship between our industry and climate change will come under the spotlight next summer.


The ABTT is the membership organisation upholding standards in technical excellence and safety for theatre and live performance. It seeks to continuously advance technical expertise in theatre and live performance and work with its membership to develop and promote best practice in all relevant crafts and disciplines.





Over recent years, the show poster has been designed by Tim Davies, a close friend of the late Petrus Bertschinger – a former ABTT Committee Member. Tim and Petrus worked together at The Unicorn Theatre in the early 90’s.

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