Triple E was formed in 1984 to supply the entertainment industry with mechanical products to aid the assembly, automation and construction of stage scenery. Throughout the last 32 years the company has innovated and pioneered a range of curtain and scenery tracking systems and custom designed equipment for use in the entertainment industry, which have earned Triple E products a reputation for simple design, rugged construction and ease of installation.
Triple E’s first product was the Loose Pin Hinge, which won the ABTT Product of the Year Award in 1984. The company has since gone on to win four more ABTT awards since then for its systems.

Unitrack, with its unique fabricated steel “I” beam configuration and the dimensionally identical extruded Aluminium Unibeam have now become the industry standard for silent tracking.

In 2015 Triple E became the European distributor of the American ModTruss system, this multi award winning construction product will feature on the TTA stand and Award stage.

There are eight track ranges manufactured by Triple E Ltd. These are UNITRACK, UNIBEAM, CHAINBEAM, CHAINTRACK, ERAIL, UNICYC, CHAINRAIL, and 2WAY, each fulfilling a different requirement in the market place. The tracks are complemented by our range of Plug and Play track mounted motors that now include a DMX option. Our systems vary from simple walkalong tracks to the complex motorised Chaintracks used to vary the acoustics in concert halls. We are the first choice for variable acoustic systems in all their applications. By consistently adding to and refining our range of equipment we offer products that offer superior performance and reliability.