ABTT Theatre Show Stand of the Year 2019



Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, with Helen Walker & Amy Hickson, General Manager & Practice Assistant respectively at Theatreplan, and Richard Bunn, ABTT Chairman

Judges’ comments

As ever a lot of people made a big effort and the Theatre Show looks stunning as a result, especially with the new layout giving a more open view of the hall on entry. One of the criteria for judging the Stand of the Year Award is that it clearly shows what the exhibitor does. Theatreplan is a new arrival at the ABTT show. They have a well laid out stand that clearly shows their creative process, with a soft, welcoming and intimate feel, inviting those who enter to engage with the consultancy’s global work. The Sydney Opera House variable acoustic reflector on display is a particularly striking and fun feature.

Judges’ commendations

  • 3D Creations
  • Attle Costumiers
  • Lamp and Pencil
  • Robe
  • Shure

Winner’s comment

The Theatreplan team was truly thrilled to receive the Stand of the Year Award, especially as first time exhibitors. The Theatre Show was a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase how we collaborate with clients and partners, to provide innovative technical solutions to complex design challenges. We’re planning next year’s stand already! Helen Walker, General Manager, Theatreplan


ABTT Widget of the Year 2019

Mantracourt Electronics | BroadWeigh


Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, with Johnny Marshall, Senior Rigging Sales Executive at A.C. Entertainment Technologies, and Richard Bunn, ABTT Chairman

Judges’ comments

As a quick way to provide monitoring of small rigs, the BroadWeigh load cell shackle – in conjunction with a Bluetooth connected device running the Broadweigh App – is exceptionally useful for those touring shows that require up to 12 points of rigging. The App also sums selected load cells to enable a maximum load to be identified. Use of this product will greatly speed up prep days.

Judges’ commendation

Igus’s adjustable shim

Winner’s comment

We’re delighted to receive this year’s widget award at the ABTT Theatre Show. Our aim was to bring a useful and affordable tool to a theatre technicians’ tool-box, which would provide a clear picture of what is happening on the rig. As a design and manufacturing company our ethos is to bring intelligent, usable products to market. We believe the BroadWeigh Bluetooth system fills a gap in the load monitoring solutions currently available. Thanks to the ABTT panel. We look forward to more BroadWeigh innovations. Kelly Voysey, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mantracourt Electronics


ABTT Engineering Product of the Year 2019

AED Group  – Showlift AED-SL18


Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, with David Baker, Commercial Manager at AED UK, and Richard Bunn, ABTT Chairman

Judges’ comments

A piece of engineering equipment with the lighting designer in mind. With a small lifting platform that can take the weight of a moving light and controlled from the same DMX system as the moving light, the Showlift allows all the programming to sit in one place.

Judges’ commendations

Safety Lifting Gear’s Battery hoist & Lift Turn Move’s G-Pro Briefcase Controller.

Winner’s comment

We are excited to introduce the Showlift AED-SL18 to the theatre and creative industry at this year’s ABTT Theatre Show. It is a privilege to accept this Award on behalf of the AED Group. David Baker, Commercial Manager, AED


ABTT Sound Product of the Year 2019

Sennheiser | DIGITAL 6000 SK 6212


Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, with Kevin Gwyther-Brown, Channel Sales Manager at Sennheiser UK Ltd, and Richard Bunn, ABTT Chairman

Judges’ comments

Having a discreet belt pack transmitter for radio microphone systems is a goal of costume designers and sound designers, this product caters for both! The Sennheiser SK6212 belt pack for the Digital 6000 series at just 63 × 47 × 20 mm and a weight of 112g including battery and clip, has already been successfully deployed on a number of West End shows where high quality is demanded, and small size is desired. Long battery life of up to 12 hours becomes an attractive option for commercial and corporate use.

Judges’ commendation

We look forward to seeing the production of the d&b D8 compact sub.

Winner’s comment

It’s extremely rewarding to receive the ABTT 2019 Sound Product of the Year Award for the SK 6212 – the transmitter is only a few months old in the market but already being adopted by many West End and UK touring productions, which is healthy recognition of the design process. Considerable thanks to all of the Stakeholders that contributed to its development. Sennheiser UK Pro Audio Solutions Team



ABTT Lighting Product of the Year 2019

Robe T1 Profile


Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, with Dave Whitehouse, Theatre Products Manager at Robe, and Richard Bunn, ABTT Chairman

Judges’ comments

The lighting product of the year award goes to a new moving light that has clearly had a great deal of thought put into its development. Robe’s new T1 fixture delivers an immensely useable theatre lantern. It is light weight, quiet and extremely well featured. Of particular note, the scrim function and the brown/blue focus tweak on the hard edge on the PC lens version is a welcome addition to the lighting designer’s pallet.

Judges’ commendation

GLP’s beam light accessories that adapt the Impression X4.

Winner’s comment

We are so pleased to win this Award, especially as it is from the very people that influenced its conception and who really know their craft. Once again, the ABTT Theatre Show presents us with the best opportunity to address the technical theatre market. Mick Hannaford, Managing Director, Robe UK




See TDE-lighttech at the ABTT Show 2019

Innovative LED interior mood lighting systems from TDE-lighttech will be on display at the upcoming ABTT Show 2019 on the stand of new UK distributor Sound Technology Ltd.

TDE-lighttech specialises in the development and production of High Quality innovative modular LED lighting solutions, often based on Tunable White or RGB(W) technology offering 0-100% Smooth Dimming. The tunable white version is based on a special single emitter light engine to provide consistent, true colour as it tunes from 1400K to 6500K where tracking the Black Body Locus.

The unique modular concept allows the light architect incredible freedom in design, with numerous applications including theatre interiors.

The ABTT Show takes place at Alexandra Palace, London on 5th-6th June 2019. TDE-lightech products can be seen on the Sound Technology Ltd stand O1.

For more information please call Sound Technology Ltd on 01462 480000 and visit


Immersive Audio with TiMax and JBL VTX A8


Outboard and Sound Technology: Immersive Audio with TiMax and JBL VTX A8

Out Board will present an exhilarating sampler of TiMax immersive audio soundscapes along with panoramic and 3D spatialised music playback, using a multi-channel immersive sound system of JBL’s VTX A8 line array and AE Compact point source loudspeakers.  

There will also be updates on some of the latest TiMax innovations including the new mighty HARDCore FPGA spatial processing engine for TiMax SoundHub, and the groundbreaking new TiMax TrackerD4 all-purpose performer tracking system.  Sound Technology will demonstrate the VTX A8 system including the latest hardware accessory products and updates to the Line Array Calculator and ArrayLink software applications.


See timings for these sessions on the PROGRAMME OF EVENTS

Implementing L-Acoustics into the Theatre Sound Environment

Alexandra Palce Theatre. Wednesday 5th June 14:30 (Exhibition registration required to attend this meeting)

A presentation of how L-Acoustics worked alongside integrator, HD Pro Audio, to design and install the Alexandra Palace Theatre Sound System. Including listening demonstration of the KARA front of house sound system and presentation on utilising the P1 Processor in a theatre, on a day to day basis.

Presented by Jeff Woodford – L-Acoustics Application Engineer, Install – United Kingdom, Ireland and Andy Huffer of HD Pro Audio.


Technical Solution Providers – new responsibilities

Thursday 6th June 14.30pm Alexandra Palace Roman Bar (Exhibition registration required to attend this meeting)

As cultural organisations begin to declare a climate emergency, what actions can we as technical solution providers to the live production industry do to support the transition to an economy that is regenerative by design?

During this informal meeting, a number of SiPA advocates will outline the framework of a circular economy, presenting a few examples – based on recent research – that show our industry’s transition to a renewably powered, restorative economic model.

The talk will then be moderated as a debate on what is being achieved, what are the barriers and enablers to driving forward this transition.

Individuals and organisations can join CDE by making a “declaration of emergency” described as “announcing your concerns and acknowledging that these are shared by growing masses of people”. Those in the first wave of declarers include Somerset House, Battersea Arts Centre, writer Jay Griffiths and director Peter Kosminsky.




SMA / ABTT open meeting of the Prompt Desk Working Group 3:30 5th June

Meeting: 15:30 5th June. Alexandra Palace Roman Bar (Exhibition registration required to attend this meeting)

This follows a very positive meeting in April when the ergonomics, DSE compliance, and fitness for purpose of many current prompt desks and prompt corner sites was discussed by a broad group of interested industry partners.

We have received sketches, plans and ideas for improving prompt corner and desk design and layout from SMs concerned about deficiencies in many current desks.

Our consultant and manufacturing colleagues are also excited about the challenge and have been coming up with new ideas and concepts as well.

After discussions on H&S since the April meeting, we will welcome notes and input from health and safety specialists experienced on compliance for DSE equipment and workstations (DSE regulations and recommendations do generally apply to prompt desks).

We are also keen to develop specs. for decent monitors for prompt desks and cueing purposes, proper fully adjustable seating, and standards for flexibility and ergonomic design and calling of shows, plus to learn about products and kit which would be suitable for use with or incorporation into prompt desks.

We would like this meeting to be an opportunity to share ideas, plans, sketches and design thoughts, and to continue to explore ways to develop a design brief for prompt desks in the 21st century, moving our project on to develop specific designs and specs. suitable to be used as guidance for ABTT technical standards and (and SMA guidance and endorsement) for new desks, as well as refits and refurbs in theatres and live event venues– creating a safer, more compliant and comfortable working environment for DSMs and showcallers in the future.  All are welcome.


Please kindly RSVP to if you are able to attend the meeting.