If you can give this web page a few minutes of your time, we will have a go at matching you with some invaluable experience to help you on your way.


  • You are interested in technical theatre
  • You are a teacher of GCSE or A level creative subjects
  • You are young and interested. Currently GCSE and beyond
  • You are in further education on a specialist drama or technical course
  • You are starting out and looking for opportunities
  • No excuses – you just want to work in theatre!


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Offer your services as a mentor

If you can give us an hour or two of your time and would like to join the mentoring team, this would be most helpful.

Please use the contact form below ยป




40 years on from the first Theatre Show at The Donmar Warehouse, we are looking closer at how to help younger people increase their potential. We will be setting up a number of mentored clinics at the exhibition in 2018 to enable interested people to discover new opportunities.


You register you interest first. This is important because it will determine who we book as our mentors.
Once we have a confirmed list of mentors, we will email you and invite you to book timed sessions. The sessions will be ticketed.


When students study Drama at GSCE level, there will always be some who identify with the technical side more than the performance elements of the course. Most people working in the industry can trace their initial interest to their time at school.

The ABTT Theatre Show offers to help teachers in their quest to support their students. One to one sessions will be set up where teachers can meet mentors with the information that they require.

At School

You may be studying Drama for GCSE. You may just be dead keen on theatre. It really doesn’t matter as long as you have an interest in the technical and production side of the industry.

You can actually make a living in this industry and it starts right here!

Register your interest using the form below and make sure you put the show dates in your diary please!

Drama Student

The good news is that you have got as far as being a student in the subject for which you have a passion.

The better news is that The ABTT Theatre Show is the ideal networking opportunity.

Let us know the type of people you want to meet and we will endeavour to make a match for you.

Register your interest using the form below and we will keep in touch.

You have started…

You have your first foot on the ladder and are now trying to work out where that ladder is taking you.

Our mentors will include working professionals as well as industry suppliers.

If you want to get specific about suppliers you want to meet, please keep an eye on our exhibitor list.

We will do our best to get the right match for you.

Just fill in the form please.

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