Bose® Professional offers high quality sound solutions for a wide range of commercial applications, such as theatres, hospitality, retail outlets, leisure centres, large corporate facilities, sports arenas, theme parks and visitor centres. Bose is committed to living up to its reputation for excellence in the specification and management of audio solutions, offering a complete specialist service to specifiers and end-users where the primary aim is the highest quality audio reproduction. This is achieved through working with a network of authorised Bose Partners. The extensive Bose® Professional product portfolio allows for many different configurations that will meet the needs of many businesses. Whether indoors or outdoors, for smaller or larger venues, portable or fixed installations, the Bose Professional product range includes loudspeakers, amplification solutions and related electronics, allowing a high degree of user-friendliness or even automated control.

The focus for the last few years has been on solutions for large venues, including a new category of loudspeaker which delivers concert quality sound for a wide variety of fixed installation systems in theatres, concert halls, performance spaces and arenas. Bose® DeltaQ Array Modules offer unprecedented scalability to provide consistent tonal balance for a wide variety of room sizes, shapes, acoustic requirements, or budgets. This unique scalability allows modules to be used singularly in applications with modest SPL and coverage-control requirements, or to form arrays for the highest SPL and coverage-control requirements. The precise, constant-directivity coverage from all modules and array configurations helps ensure consistent tonal balance, virtually independent of room shape and acoustics.

Bose Professional has also introduced a significant number of new products that are specially developed to integrate with Dante™, an uncompressed, multi-channel digital media networking technology. It allows customers to use standard IT networks to transmit high quality sound, replacing expensive analog or multicore cabling with low cost Cat5e, CAT6 or fibre optic cable.

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