Mantracourt Electronics | BroadWeigh


Robin Townley, ABTT CEO, with Johnny Marshall, Senior Rigging Sales Executive at A.C. Entertainment Technologies, and Richard Bunn, ABTT Chairman

Judges’ comments

As a quick way to provide monitoring of small rigs, the BroadWeigh load cell shackle – in conjunction with a Bluetooth connected device running the Broadweigh App – is exceptionally useful for those touring shows that require up to 12 points of rigging. The App also sums selected load cells to enable a maximum load to be identified. Use of this product will greatly speed up prep days.

Judges’ commendation

Igus’s adjustable shim

Winner’s comment

We’re delighted to receive this year’s widget award at the ABTT Theatre Show. Our aim was to bring a useful and affordable tool to a theatre technicians’ tool-box, which would provide a clear picture of what is happening on the rig. As a design and manufacturing company our ethos is to bring intelligent, usable products to market. We believe the BroadWeigh Bluetooth system fills a gap in the load monitoring solutions currently available. Thanks to the ABTT panel. We look forward to more BroadWeigh innovations. Kelly Voysey, Sales & Marketing Manager, Mantracourt Electronics