ABTT Theatre Show looks to the future with Isobel Hatton as Show Director

In June this year, The ABTT Theatre Show celebrated its 40th birthday. Staged at Alexandra Palace, the exhibition has become an established networking event for live entertainment technicians. Roger Fox, who created the exhibition in 1978 has chosen the moment to retire as Show Director. The ABTT is very pleased to announce that Isobel Hatton has been appointed as the new Director of the ABTT Theatre Show. Isobel has been working beside Roger for the past 15 years and will ensure a smooth and seamless transition.

Asked about the changes in the last 15 years, Hatton commented “Working practices have changed significantly and will continue to do so.  Our exhibitors now operate in compliance with many more rules and regulations. They have to adapt and keep up with the requirements of end users and regulatory bodies.  This has an impact on how and what our exhibitors need to present each year. Technology advances, rules change and as theatre becomes yet more demanding creatively, there are always newer and better products coming on the market. The ABTT plays a significant and important role in keeping technicians and specifiers informed and supported throughout these changes.

…And the future?

“I’m really excited about the future,” quotes Isobel. “I believe passionately in keeping theatre alive and edgy and I believe that our exhibitors need to be supported in the work they do. The ABTT Theatre Show is more than an exhibition; it’s a coming together of a community of like-minded people who ultimately have the same goal – to share the best of the best with the best. I also don’t believe in changing something if it’s not broken – Roger Fox has left a huge legacy and I feel extremely honoured to have been handed the baton. Over the years, the ABTT Theatre Show has evolved and we will continue to listen, deliver and support the ever-changing needs of a very special industry.”


The ABTT is the membership organisation upholding standards in technical excellence and safety for theatre and live performance. It seeks to continuously advance technical expertise in theatre and live performance and work with its membership to develop and promote best practice in all relevant crafts and disciplines.




Over recent years, the show poster has been designed by Tim Davies, a close friend of the late Petrus Bertschinger – a former ABTT Committee Member. Tim and Petrus worked together at The Unicorn Theatre in the early 90’s.

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